Long-term strategy

A core pillar of SPP’s long-term ambition to own and operate the largest retail park in the region is to become sustainable, to continually green its real estate portfolio and to systematically reduce the environmental footprint associated with the portfolio and its operation.

Objectives and tools

In addition to targeted green investments (geothermal systems, photovoltaic farms, switching to LED lights, etc.), a consistent and systemic application of governance management tools within Adventum’s ESG framework is a clear tool for the increasing mainstreaming of sustainability. These can be used to accurately monitor the energy efficiency performance of properties, optimise and continuously reduce energy use in a good stewardship manner.

As a good steward, we monitor
the energy performance of properties
to optimise and continuously
reduce energy use.

A detailed risk map was available for properties that have undergone detailed technical screening during the acquisition. The aim is to minimise risk, proactively maintain and properly preserve technical condition. One of the built-in modules of Adventum’s ESG software is an ideal tool for this purpose: the tool can predict when a building would become obsolete without improvement and maintenance, allowing portfolio-level interventions towards sustainability.

The CRREM risk assessment tool helps owners and investors understand and manage the CO2 emission risks within their portfolio.

Making an existing property portfolio operate more efficiently will result in real reduction of emissions. Therefore, within the ESG framework, priority support is given to developments that improve the energy use and operation of existing buildings. This will significantly reduce lifetime CO2 emissions, especially compared to the significantly higher carbon footprint of a possible reconstruction.

A similar approach applies to mechanical engineering: proactive and preventive maintenance practices aim to maximise and extend the lifetime of machinery.